We going to warrr. It’s honestly one of my favorites top 5, easily and you’ve given such a widely different opinion from mine. Anime info Airing show discussions Frequently asked anime questions Rewatches Weekly discussions Watch order guides Recommendations. Brotherhood, but FMA did try it’s darndest given the circumstances. So many fake ppl, sigh. There is a limit of 4 clips per user per week. It’s a matter of character archetypes and common plot points.

Angel Beats for the feels , Another for the mystery and cliffhangers and all three Zetsubou sensei seasons. Clips from currently airing shows cannot be posted within 24 hours after the Episode Discussion thread is posted. I didn’t like FMA as much. If you ask me I think the Anime ending is better. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Damn, if you guys have ever been hit hard by a girl putting you in the friendzone, pepper your angus for Hachiman’s pessimistic monologue at the end of the episode.

Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret.

The [Fanart] flair will be used for fanart that wasn’t made by you or doesn’t episoce up with our definition of OC. I felt that Brotherhood’s handling of the dramatic reveals was much weaker overall but I can’t confirm if this is because it was already spoiled or because the pacing of the show was so much more action-oriented.

I’m not quite sure if it was Akari’s even though it did say “To: That show actually invoked a reaction even if it was rage which I don’t get that often when watching stuff. This anime is too much real life. Because you people spoiled it for me before I got to it.

This titan guy was pretty badasss honestly srs: The former because its a mystery and not seeing anything coming is awesome and it gets you on the edge of the seat.


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It’s a matter of character archetypes and common plot points. I’m not in the same mental state I was when I watched the shows that really affected me. My dick just stood up. And ironically Brotherhood was much shallower in its exploration of the sibling relationship. Now that I’ve seen it a few csntimeters, not only do I know what’s going to happen, but I also know all the characters’ mistakes.


I’ll pick something safer and go with YuruYuri. Do you phaggots prefer “Hot” or “Cute” in bishes?

And not least of all, I absolutely cannot stand moe. Damn, if you guys have ever been hit hard by a girl putting you in the friendzone, pepper your angus for Hachiman’s pessimistic monologue at the end of the episode. Had a real life thing with a girl that was “the one that got away. I was afraid to sleep that night, man.

The body type of the 2nd one starting from left in all red is the one I prefer.

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There are just certain moments in that series that made me so incredibly happy, and experiencing them for the first time again would be great. You won’t remember it in the morning! No 1 fan checking in.

It put a shadow over my next couple days too. In my head all I was saying was “I love you” It’s like those moments in Doctor Who where you realize that he is 5 steps ahead of everybody, but all the time.

Neon Genesis Evangelion or Steins;Gate. I should of been more careful. And Gosick is just so good, made me feel good.


Watch 5 Centimeters Per Second Episode 1 English Subbedat Gogoanime

I usually forget animes a few days after watching, so I can’t think of any anime to erase from my mind. Originally Posted by Cynic Been putting it off as I had the ending spoiled and the promise of crippling sadness. If you weren’t bothered by this stuff or found it interesting, that’s great. Originally Posted by crimsonchins. Join the Kill the Titans Crew. Way worse then Koga’s thousand ryu sei ken per episode. I didn’t like FMA as much.

Knights of the Old Republic. Spice and Wolf, I miss the stream of emotions that came with watching this show for the first time. TTGL “Super” Spoiler I’ve expressed my opinion on this plot point before and I know it’s not a popular view, but I honestly don’t see how others could have been so surprised with this event. Albums of 5 or more images 3 or more images for cosplay will be exempt from this rule so long as the images are relevant to the point or idea being illustrated.

Tohno Takaki” 2 If the owner was Akari, does this imply that Tohno and Akari both came to the conclusion that they could no longer see each other any more due to the distance, correct?

That blew anime wide open for me, and gave me feels I’ve never felt before.