AS 1— Australian Standard ® Formwork for concrete. Part 1: Documentation and surface finish. A S 3 6 1 0. 1 — 2 0 1 0. A c c e s s e d b y. C U R T. Formwork includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames .. Formwork should comply with AS Formwork. This paper discusses the relevance of a revised draft of Australian Standard AS Formwork for Concrete to the New Zealand situation. Although.

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Cast-in-situ concrete—concrete which is placed, as plastic concrete, in its final location as part of the permanent structure. A representative sample of timber may also be submitted to an appropriate testing authority for identification to enable visual stress grading to be achieved in accordance with the above Standards.

For prestressed concrete units, this check includes the hog. Wind loads Part 4: Concrete Formwork Using Acrow.

Requirements of the project documentation which relate to formwork, as set out in Clause firmwork. They shall be clearly identified by title, description and report number, and provide at a minimum the following information: Best possible uniformity of texture.

Partial collapse, damage and deformation or deformation, alone from this force is acceptable. The panel s shall incorporate all relevant features of the surface, e. This Standard does not apply to unformed concrete surfaces, e. This Standard incorporates Amendment No. To maintain their currency, all Standards are periodically reviewed, and new editions are published.

Attention is drawn to Table 3. The design load for conncrete materials shall be as follows: Where the opposite faces are of different classes then the face with the higher quality shall take precedence in the checking. Documentation and surface finish. Further to this, the formwork activities can place loadings on previously built concrete elements. Standards may also be withdrawn. A detailed description of the test procedure. Preparation of the foundation, such as ad and compaction and drainage.


The sequence for checking the above tolerances is defined in Clause 5. 3601 colour control is incorporated this shall be denoted by the suffix C following the surface finish concrrte numeral see Note 1.

Footing details, such as type and size of footings, level of soffit, concrete strength, reinforcement, specification and details of site filling specification and details of site filling or compaction, and precautions against flooding. Straightness tolerance shall be expressed as the maximum distance by which any point on an edge of a unit may be from a straight line drawn through the extremities of the particular edge.

AS 3610.1-2010 Formwork for concrete

The light conditions at the time of evaluation and the period of time after the stripping of the form before evaluation is carried out shall be consistent for all elements with similar requirements. Requirements for the minimum number of levels of supports relative to the type of formwork, timing and sequence of its use, the anticipated time between construction of subsequent floors and the expected ambient temperature for multistorey structures. Limit state load, S?

Some Sections of the Standard are also applicable to precast concrete, in particular some aspects of Sections 3 and 5. Where it is possible that movement would cause the components to become unstable, dislodged or to collapse, there shall be positive means to prevent that occurrence. It is therefore essential that the matters listed in Section 2 be known formork to commencement of the formwork activity and that, where applicable, they are contained in the formwork documentation.

This is consistent with the intention of Table 3. For Q uv in combination with M see Clause 4. This Item refers to anchors which have been installed in the concrete after it has set, e.

  JIS B1188 PDF

Progressive collapse—a type of failure in which the collapse of one component leads to overload of adjacent fodmwork resulting in further sa. Bracing—secondary structural members which normally do not support gravity loads but are required to provide lateral stability to other structural members or to transfer horizontal loads to supports.

Australian Standard AS Formwork for Concrete

Where necessary, the work shall be stopped and the affected formwork assembly or component shall be strengthened or replaced if permanently damaged. The date, time and environmental conditions at the time of the test. Formwork Guide Best practices for safe foe effective formwork in construction.

Similar charts, or other suitable means, should be developed for use with other colours of concrete. Any additional criteria for the proposed technique which have been specified prior to the performance of the repair work. Unless the direction of the force is known it shall be considered to act in any direction in the horizontal plane and shall be assumed not to act concurrently with the horizontal forces determined in a or b formwogk.

This will be 4 kPa unless otherwise specified see Clause 4. Standards Australia c d e f g h i j k l m www. For any combination of loads, the duration factor that shall be applied is that which is applicable to the load of shortest duration.

It was approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 18 January and published on 5 April