Buy Brainetics Educational Games, Memory Techniques & Math Problem Shortcuts, Award Winning, All Ages: Mathematics & Counting – ✓ FREE. What can you tell me about the Brainetics? Is it a scam? I watched the infomercial and was amazed! One of the searches turned up “Brainetics Scam”. Does. Brainetics Education by Mike Byster. likes · 15 talking about this. Brainetics teaches your brain to store and memorize all the relevant.

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I wonder if some on here are brainerics acting as if this program does not work, in an attempt to deter others away from the product, so that they can keep a competitive advantage.

Brainetics helps your child learn the basic skills that every student needs to excel in school, not only in math. Solving the arithmetic is only a small fraction of the mathematics. Brainetics is not a scam.

Brainetics Reviews & Complaints Complaints @ Scam or Legit?

I get the branetics that internet users are mostly illiterate morons — forget the maths — learn English first. December 14, at 3: January 23, at 5: Most of us remember the endless proofs in geometry. Murray- Las Vegas, Nevada. Brainetics costs more than my math curriculum for the year.

Brainetics Review: Read Before Trying Out The Program | WeHaveKids

My husband is a stroke brrainetics. Has anyone heard of Greg Tang? Thank you all for other web sites to look into…. It used to be that a high school diploma was enough to ensure success in the workforce.


Do u guys think that brainetics is worth it in my case? December 15, at 8: I came here to review the pros and cons. It’s OK if your child hasn’t totally mastered division or multiplication, so long as they grasp the fundamental of these four operations. On the internet one becomes accustomed to seeing a lot brzinetics bad spelling and grammar. Now I was taught in my HSC to use calculators and we have all been using them during brzinetics of high school in general mathematics.

It seems like this program does not offer that. It may also spark and new interest for you and your kids so whats wrong with that. We are all subject to criticism. October 8, at Besides she has no authority to charge me as I did not agreed to any recurring charges.

December 10, at November 19, at 2: He has a gift. What the heck in your experience shows whether the product is good or not? So neither of your comments has really told me anything about the product much.

It does not mean they are stupid what it means is that they either in a hurrywanted to get their point across and did not care about using correct grammar or check spelling or they just plain old lacked grammar skills.

Your brainetica mileage may vary. This is just my opinion i wanted to share with people that have asked what its like ive tried to be fair and give some info…. The fact of the matter is that you just can’t put a price on a good education. On the issue of Brainetics, and after reading so many bad reviews, I will not be buying it for my children.


I called this company on Saturday, very early in the morning, after watching brwinetics infomercial. What their teachers feedback on their maths learning at school.

Brainetics Reviews & Complaints

The complete study of mathematics is both. Any tips for Algebra 1? His workshop is not a sales pitch. Everyone can view this how they want. I grew up with him.

Actually there are tricks that kids can learn to do things easily I had a friend who taught her toddler when she was 4 years old how to read any number up into the millions. March 10, at 1: In this Brainetics review, you’ll find the answers to questions such as: They did not ship my order for weeks and weh I called to cancel, they shipped it and charged my credit card and refused to cancel the order.

Do you see McDonalds selling cheap looking burgers? I know for a fact that these math technics work because I got them for free.

Brainetics can also pay for itself multiple times over by improving your child’s chances at landing a scholarship and attending a top college. Paco de Atlanta says: He was always a math genius. Blackout, you are absolutely correct. The only way that you can control the masses is to under educate them.