This plugin allows you to export single or multiple DokuWiki pages into one LaTeX file. It will export all media in a ZIP archive. It also supports exporting syntax. Thank to the LaTeX Plugin and the superb work of Mark Grimshaw (see http:// , I have developed a small bibtex plugin, which. You may consider using the other DokuWiki plugins to render Math: the latexrenderer plugin [A bit more complex to install, still use LaTeX syntax for Maths].

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This should correct any problems you might have. From the Configuration Manageryou can modify the following settings:. This is page 5, a right side.

mimetex Plugin

Run the following command as root 4 fmtutil-sys –all or, if that does not work. From the Laetx Manageryou can modify the following settings: If you have not changed the URL in your configuration, just update the plugin to its latest version, and your ltaex should start using the odkuwiki URL automatically. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question. I’m not sure if that applies for the current plugin there’s no syntax.


Structure your content with both online and print in mind read below more about this. However, it must be something very simple, because it seems like such a basic error that it must be impossible for it to have existed this long without anybody noticing it.

plugin:latexport:structuring-latex-documents [DokuWiki]

Renders inline LaTeX code. LaTeX works fine when I compile the tex code provided the plugin. The first style img. A few words from the mimeTeX designers:.

The most straight forward way to structure a website is to have quite a few articles, organized into areas of knowledge. There are a few plugins to convert the pages to pdf, for example: All other are contained in it. What is the best practice? The most important precaution is to render often, and realize errors before you’ve gone deep into the mud. How can I show the original Latex code without any formatting?

LaTeXit Plugin

This error appears in the troubleshooter’s program versions test in Windows. I’ve illustrated this with the Arithmetic chapter.

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. ImageMagickwhich in turn requires….


The functionality is similar, but the caching should be improved. The most config settings can be set as parameters for the exported document as well. This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. I found out the long way that ImageMagick and GhostScript must both be or bit. You will also need ghostscript, but this may already be provided by MikTex or some other software you have some feedback here, anybody?

Dedication if any, else empty. Similar to jsmathlatex.

plugin:mimetex [DokuWiki]

Plugin does not render any latex code in dokuwiki pages, displays only the text as if not recognizing the syntax. Table of Contents mimetex Plugin.

Because you probably don’t want to make the root page of your book publicly accessible. Similar to jsmathlatex Tagged with latexmathmathjaxtex. It isn’t affected by the Dokuwiki version; I’ve tested it successfully in Angua. CentOS 5 3 yum install tetex tetex-fonts tetex-dvips tetex-latex ghostscript Dkkuwiki fmtutil-sys –all.