He is talking unconsciously, inconherently about the stranger who came last spring and destroyed the holy place. Behave yourself, old man, nobody wants anything of you. Maybe we can find a way to escape. For all we know, my builders and I, we shoud have finished our work a long time before. In the night a dog roars long and deathly. But the learning I am seeking for is different, your holiness, and it tells me that the truth is here, in this world. People sing him in songs and legends, and you say you have never heard of him!

I seem to feel them inside me. Tomorrow , second master, climb up there, and remember, no tears. In the background the image of the Argesului Monastery can be projected. The one who goes on the road of God, gives himself to devil! These are the ruins of the Monastery of Master Manole, the one who is sung in songs and legends, of the old holy place. The long journeys wasted you so badly!

In a cell, which is the house of Master Manole. I myself have sacrificed my beloved wife. From spring the raising of walls and spires are going smoothly. A terrible sin happened here.


Because I had not come to demolish the holy building, but to become a whole with Anna. What would you say of a sacrifice in a large number of cows? And thus it lives in my mind as it was before, the holy place, long time ago.

Personaje secundare în Meşterul Manole, de Lucian Blaga: Mira, Găman

Now he seems to enlighten. All of them are overworking in a hurry. It will grow until it includes all the country…or maybe all the world….

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But the learning I am seeking for is different, your holiness, and it tells me that the truth is here, in this world.

Mesterul Manole by Dobrete Vlad on Prezi

A huge crowd kneeling, terrified. Give me powers to see. Recover your senses, Master!

So are you travelling like that, starved and ragged? The first master should have been tortured, and told and sung in songs. The bases are rotten and cursed, brothers! He gets up slowly Are you sure you see nothing?

Then he must dgama chased away by stones, because we ought not to inflict a bigger punishment. The beauty of the holy Monastery can be contemplated by the lines of the walls that seem to be unequal. It must be ready before rains. After we finish this building, I take you the the fortess of Bethleem to rebuild it! He prayed again, but nothing could stop her. I seem to feel them inside me. The masters and helpers, the carts with wood and lime must set moving towards us.


All the believers hang their heads again.

Meșterul Manole

But it will be the time when this land is a single body. In the background there is the shrine and the Eastern wall of the monastery, fallen. And all these are worse when they are utterd in a holy place. Then you are a philosopher, like Diogeneand not a master who builds churches mesteryl all.

How do you think we can bear it?

The ruins of the holy Monastery looks grievously and frightfully. The firts laws, the essential laws of everything ask me to do so.

Please, help and protect us!