Just felt a bit weird, like my seat was reclinable. Reviewed 12 April via mobile Activity everywhere! Pixar always makes me cry. It’s not like other cinemas where you feel that everyone’s cramped inside. The cinema is not so big is like the one in eastwood mall which is great. The cinemas were neat and comforrable and accommodating. Comfy chairs and spacious i get to stretch my legs. Ask arrv about Eastwood City.

We got the last full show so only few people sobbed last night Very cozy seats, spacious leg room, great surround system. The cinema is huge, so a little further more at the back and the screen would be tiny already. Well, it wasn’t uncomfortable. The movie poster was downloaded from givawaybandit. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. We first visited Eastwood City back in the early ‘s. There’s a ball drop, lots of people and a spectacular fireworks.

I love small Cinemas coz its more relaxing. The movie was awesome, too! Civil warrrrrrrr Place is well-maintained and clean, no icky feeling.

Eastwood Cinemas

Easy access for late night showing as you can park on the 3rd floor, just walk a few steps, hop onto the escalator and fate you go! The scene at the moshpit is priceless. Not gonna talk about X-Men but Quicksilver stole the show I love their reclining chairs! I hope you guys will go watch this!!!


Obviously this is not for kids. Acoustics was still on point and overall temp was just right. The leg room’s good too but I’m not the best person for measuring leg room considering my height.

See all reviews. The all-female cast comprises of SNL ladies regular cast and host. Ask arrv about Eastwood City.

Reviewed 14 April A very good one-stop shop area to visit. The sound is just a little bit louder and the picture less grander than watching a movie on your phone. Nice cinemavery clean and not crowded.

Ask magbitangcm about Eastwood City. Feels very exclusive when a cinema can occupy like only persons. Bathrooms were clean and well maintained too. We got the last full show so only few people sobbed last night Very cozy cinems, spacious leg room, great surround system. Easrwood cinemas are closer to our home so we always watch movies here. I mean I don’t like having a big crowd while shopping.

The movie is nice and the cinema is not crowded since it was last full show. I am completely enthralled by her. Watched Honor Thy Father. Review tags cityywalk currently only available for English language reviews. The theatre was not that big, but I prefer it that way so it doesn’t get too noisy. And the food stores outside can deliver food inside the cinema which is super cool. Hope you the managers and head of the cinemas can approach them and improve their service its really disappointing.


Their cinemas are pretty comfy compared to the regular SM cinemas.

Clean carpet with no sticky feeling, upgraded chairs that can recline when you put on some weight and pressure and arm rests that can be pulled up. Review of Eastwood City.


Cunema was big enough to accommodate a lot of people. But the customer service and very attentive butlers are there to replenish the drinks and popcorn. It is clean and comfy, and the seats were nice too.