Each has maimed himself in the hand in a desperate bid to be sent back home, away from the insanity, and each has been caught, court-martialed, and convicted. The real-life incarnations of Albert and his pals are grating, with none of the goofy charm of their cartoon forebears. Don’t worry, though – the film version of isn’t entirely a Hollywood hatchet job like last year’s ” Dr. Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth Rating: With the fires of controversy over the man’s life and work being stoked once more by self-appointed moral guardians, it’s a message that bears repeating: There are explosions, there is civic destruction, there are scary bits. To some extent, the movie is about congenital dissatisfaction.

The trivial plot has Albert and company crawling through a TV set into the real world to help a lonely teen Kyla Pratt. There are explosions, there is civic destruction, there are scary bits. Is there any chance films could still be played there? MagicLantern on February 9, at 1: Seuss’ the Cat in the Hat. Here’s how good Jamie Foxx is in ” Ray”:

Neither woman is perfect, but both theatef to be, and the movie thrives on the antagonism among the two of them and Deborah’s husband, John Adam Sandler. To some extent, the movie is about congenital dissatisfaction. Liam Neeson, Laura Linney Rating: I passed by this place in early December Originally published inChris Van Allsburg’s ” The Polar Grmini is a hushed, haunted little book – a child’s illuminated manuscript set during the dreamy wee hours of Christmas Eve.

This drive-in is now closed. It looks like the place is intact. Kenan Thompson, Kyla Pratt Rating: Depp’s typical careening lilt of rock ‘n’ roll is gone from ” Finding Neverland,” a movie in which everything is on its best behavior, including him. That crashing noise you hear emanating from your local multiplex is the sound of Pixar trying something different – and succeeding magnificently.

This may not be what fans of ” A Series of Unfortunate Events” want to hear, but it’s true: Please adjust the view until the theater is clearly visible. Here’s how good Jamie Foxx is in ” Ray”: It’s also all of 32 pages long.

Robert Allen on November 16, at 8: In ” The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou,” director Wes Anderson teams up with his ” Rushmore” star, Bill Murray, geemini a droll comedy about a conflicted, Jacques Cousteau-like celebrity oceanographer struggling to complete a documentary film.


It had Simplex XL equipment at the time. At 73, Nichols is in peak form.

This fairly literal remake dumbs down characters and relationships to fit today’s superficial standards in adventure films, blunting the tension and nuance of the original about a group that survives a desert crash and builds a new plane from the wreckage of the old. Login or Sign up. Lavarus on November 6, at As ofthe property was being used as a recycling center.

Each has maimed himself in the hand in a desperate bid to be sent back home, away from the insanity, and each has been caught, court-martialed, and convicted. MagicLantern on February 9, at 1: In another sense, it’s about the disjunction between who people are and why they love.

Director Robert Zemeckis, by contrast, has 96 minutes of screen time to fill, so we now have elves bungee-jumping from purple zeppelins, children teetering across impossibly high suspension bridges, slam-bang action sequences, and a rock-‘n’-rolling Santa’s helper with the rubbery face and raucous voice of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. With his lumpy costume as the title character, Kenan Thompson looks less like the portly ghetto kid and more like what he is – a guy in a fat suit.

It’sduring the worst days of World War I, and five French soldiers have been pushed out of a trench into the muddy barbed-wire killing ground known as No Man’s Land. Martin Scorsese’s latest extravaganza is visually astounding, constantly dazzling and frequently thrilling.

Is there any chance films could still be played there?

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And some of the now-familiar tunes can be lovely – when the music isn’t drowning out the vocals, that is. It has sequences of balletic martial arts action that can knock you back, open-mouthed, in your comfy multiplex chair.

It is shot sumptuously, though, and it’s packed with rich details. The scandal was how much we didn’t know about sex before Kinsey came along. Spacey says this isn’t about satisfying his ego, but functioning as director, co-writer and star, he’s created a film that feels unshakably like a vanity project. That is until we got busted! Brooks is a poet, a realist, and a wizard when it comes to creating theafer who could pass for real people. But there are also such emotions as despair, confidence, joy, envy and affection.


It’s a good thing Foxx does all this, because the movie doesn’t.

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Paseo Nuevo, Fairview Twin. So naturally she winds up swinging off the side of a speeding van. But unlike the team’s previous collaboration, it’s paper-thin and instantly forgettable. Become an online subscriber of newspress. So it’s an unexpected pleasure to report that ” Fockers” is an improvement on ” Parents” – whose jokes dragged on too long – thanks largely to the presence of Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, who play Ben Stiller’s ac parents.

Contributed by Ken McIntyre. Yes, it’s like that.

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It’s just really hard to take this ” Phantom” seriously, despite how seriously it takes itself. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L.

Every detail is perfect, as you’d imagine from a director who’s as famous for perfectionism as the subject of the film, the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. By going out on a limb, Pixar has made an emotionally resonant, inventively hilarious movie that, oddly, may be its most family-friendly yet.

That seems to be the entire point of ” Beyond the Sea,” in which he plays the pop crooner from his rise to music and movie stardom in the ’60s, through his turn as a folk singer during the Vietnam War, and up to his death after open-heart surgery in Who wants to see Kevin Spacey singing and dancing for two hours as Bobby Darin?

Those were the days……. The scandal – and no one needs to be told that this matters in the era of the New Prudery – is how much we still don’t know. There’s the occasional sentimental moment, a smile or two, a conventional mystery plot; there’s even – gasp – a happy ending.

But the real mystery is why such a mangled film was not junked altogether.