Communication with the PC There methods of communication between the datalogger and the PC through the use of the support module or the optional serial clip. Click Browse to locate and select the file to import. Coverage names should not start with a number, be no longer than 13 characters and do not have spaces within the name. Can utilize background images like orthophoto quads in CE models. For more detailed information, consult the online help or the user manual. Toolbar project — http: Initial setup will require Administrative privileges for a Windows PC. Waypoints and Navigation The GeoExplorer 3 and 3c differ in the fact that the 3c cannot upload data files for navigation.

Almanacs can be obtained from the GPS unit or the internet. Select Spatial Reference of Input Coordinates and set the native projection of the coordinates. This is the reason for the shift in GPS location. Differential Correction in Pathfinder Office — Classic 1. Coverage names should not start with a number, be no longer than 13 characters and do not have spaces within the name. A deleted position or feature can be undeleted if needed. The following graphics show how part of a polygon looks after being constructed using three different construction intervals from available corrected positions gray points.

If disconnected, go to step 3.

This will transfer the points to the Garmin. If desired, select or create the fields for storing the average and worst horizontal accuracy values. There are three levels of WAAS correction signal. After selecting the session to be corrected, this should be visible in the Differential Correction window, click Next. Click OK to close the properties. Make a copy of a setup using New Setup. This will help setup coordinate space. Converting a Shapefile to a Coverage The message on the screen will let you know if there are not enough satellites based on your settings.


At the correction settings screen, the user may elect to modify correction filters for the session 34 or Base files click Change or simply go with the defaults, click Next.

As a default, all the options available are selected. Accuracy testing must use NSSDA testing guidelines or be reported based on compiled, published test reports appropriate for the data collection method and equipment.

Browse for the file containing the coordinates. Once a geodatabase has been disabled from GPS, the underlying GPS data for the features is removed from the database and cannot be re-linked to the existing features.

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Click Browse to locate and select the file to import. Converting Coordinates in a Texfile Software Corpscon software download page http: Create — Creates a new feature for collection. Windows commands copy — copy file s to a destination.

The program will try to automatically connect with the unit. In Windows Explorer, perform a search on local drives for all files named dnrgarmin. Using the sample AML as a guide, insert the proper names for the files requested.

This gives arcs and polys greater freedom to move around creating potential accuracy problems. Seriies will switch back to the Data view with the feature ready for data entry.

If a reference position is incorrect, the user will be unable to adjust the position for a base station in the CBS list within the Differential Correction Wizard.

GPS to GIS Procedural Handbook & Reference Guide

Click Save and Close. It is recommended that this value be periodically reviewed with against the published 35 coordinates on the Internet. Other Sources Other main sources of metadata are the. Some national direction has been set for certain kinds of information. Setup for the Allegro is mentioned in Section V.


The extension is can be located at the following address. The tool requires the hemisphere values be included.

Trimble has eliminated Waypoints as a GPS feature. Right-click on the shapefile and choose Export To… 2. Set the correct spatial reference. With what and when? Place the datalogger into the cradle. Select the correct X, Y and delimiter fields. The file has been correctly projected back into WGS This will open the Export window. ActiveSync can create conflicts when the user is trying to access other devices.

Trimble Products Compatibility — Identify what is and is not compatible between the various Trimble products. Coordinates are downloaded in Geoexplorrr WGS84 and can be saved sttarted several formats, including shapefile.

Select a comment text field, usually a description or name of the point. The Features in Progress line will change to the new constructed location in comparison to the original line. The reason is that the Disk portion can be backed up. The unit will not use GPS data that does not meet these settings. How was the data collected?

If the desired base provider is not already listed, click Select… to access the provider list.