When Sultan Murad takes the rei Ayaz Pasha has just removed Ibrahim Pasha’s men and put new men in their place. Shah tells a cariye: In fact, Rustem will not have the courage to stand against me. She is keeping her anger and her pain very fresh What does it have to do with Hurrem? He can throw me out of his house with three words” Shah Sultan:

It is clear he will not leave this matter alone – it is clear, but – he is forgetting, that he is dealing with Ibrahim Pasha who was a very careful man I sent you a letter, and then a letter was returned to my room. My mother would never do such a thing! Gulfem replies there is no need, she will return after a while. These are heavy allegations, Haticem May her hands break! Mercan agha says that they have looked everywhere, but Hatice Sultan is nowhere to be seen.

Moreover, I am not afraid to get a little naughty.

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Later in the Harem entrance, an agha calls Shah Sultan’s name and everybody stands up in line. Information, ideas, text, logos, images, graphics, and photographs, contained on this blog are the exclusive property of blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”. June 24, at 4: Afife Hatun goes to Hatice’s room, where she finds Shah Sultan. And her cariye is nowhere to be seen.


Saliha says that they can go find out if she is with Shah Sultan. How can Ayse hatun bear this? She is seen with dl all over her face, and looks very weak and tries to move.

Our Sultana especially warned us there should be no mistake. Calling him for iftaar meal to break the fast and then sneakily having him killed, is that your justice? And some of them had even started to do things on their own, this is why I removed them. I am here with you.

Hurrem soltann Sumbul agha a pouch of gold to give to Duzgun agha. Rustem says he will be here for some more time, as he is discussing some things with the Sultan. See how she was? This is on the grounds that few individuals just feels exceptional with new young ladies. He will not believe it. You have tired yourself out! Meanwhile, Mustafa asks Barbarossa when he will be leaving.

They clearly killed Hatice, and they are going to then say she committed suicide He says that searches of the area are continuing, and they will receive more news soon. This can cause a serious unrest.

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No one sees him. Shah Sultan asks why Afife hatun is not here yet. I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment. Wherever Hatice Sultan is, she must be found. Also, there are a lot of servants in her service. I fainted, when I woke up I found myself in a forest All rights to material on this website are reserved to blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”.


She is very weak and falls to the ground. They are discussing their mother’s illness. It is all a lie! Feedjit Soltann Blog Stats. Our privacy will be filled with eroticism. If you give me permission, grant me the honour of hosting you again.

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When Sultan Murad takes the rei After some pause, Shah speaks: Hatice is missing, and nobody knows where she is Could there be something missing, or mistaken? Whoever has done this, must immediately be executed!

And they that this is the reason why you stabbed him. Barbarossa says he will stay for a few more days, then he will leave. Ep Sultan is missing