Few TV viewers could fathom that a programme on agriculture could be so interesting. He clarified some misconceptions that farmers are having. Latif Biswas told the farmers the budgetary allocation has not been sanctioned yet from the Finance Division. In different districts and regions of Bangladesh, many farmers got involved with jute farming. It keeps on spreading so fast. He gave the highest importance to giving people their land ownership rights at the charlands.

Everyone wants to escape something and some of the farmers were actually eager to tell me more. For keeping the bundles under water, they are using muddy soil. That is why prices of the local crops are increasing every day. Another big issue that needs attention is the health condition here. Over the last few years, the whole scenario of the village dramatically changed. Flying in a Pigeon Dream The world has changed a lot. For five long years, he kept on sowing them meticulously. If it was naturally flown, the land could be filled with slit and the cultivation would have been much smoother.

These people have to go to Barisal to see a doctor. I went to Kazipara at the home of Mashrur, a young entrepreneur who hrjdoye successfully breeding pigeons like many others. All the areas are ornamented with diverse features. He was affirmative and positive again.

Local farmers take their little boats to fetch water lily and selling those at the market is the only means of livelihood in Uttor Shatla. The government has to prove that it is actually supporting the real farmers, not the people who are taking the produce of the hgidoye without paying for their sweat and toil. It keeps on spreading so fast.

The household women, businessmen, servicemen, young and educated students- all those who tried to farm pigeons, became successful. Natuapara has the biggest market and so the bridge is an immediate necessity.


And during monsoon time, we have to pay them Tk. I wondered what exactly their production cost is because how would they figure out their profit or loss after final sell. This guides them to North-South-East-West and up-down orientation. In different areas of the country, farmers have stepped out of Boro rice farming.

Besides all these demands, farmers of Tongibari demanded Tk. Sadharan Bima is piloting one project. Farmers demanded electricity-run irrigation facility in place of diesel. The weekly programme is celebrating its 1st anniversary tomorrow at He comes from far, a place known as Hasonnagar, crossing the Surma river. For viral disease, you need to use vaccines.

Farmers say though the cultivation area is increasing, the price is not. A whole day goes behind peeling those thirty jute bundles. They demanded prices of day-old chick and poultry feed be lowered immediately.

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Another problem was identified. InSeraj started thinking about reviving the programme on Channel-i. This season, all my farming went in episode due to the poor road and lack of electricity. Tomato production has increased in this part of Bangladesh.

Once the Boro season is gone, farming just slips away from the hands of farmers. Even during the wars of the past, the bird worked like a messenger. Let voices from the grassroots be heard Matti nature of agricultural crisis is almost all the same in all parts of Bangladesh. If farmers are assisted with loan facility during the Boro season, then farmers will certainly be benefited.

Special episode of Hridoy-e Mati O Manush arranged for Tagore

In different districts and episodss of Bangladesh, many farmers got involved with jute farming. Many women fetch water lily to feed their family and stay financially stable. The price during the mid-season per maund is Tk. Worldwide, vegetables have taken a significant place in the food items. The colour and size of the chillies remain same and there will be no spots whatsoever. Uridoye and seek Abdul Hannan, a tomato farmer got excited and came forward.


However, once the images were glowing.

Special episode of Hridoy-e Mati O Manush arranged for Tagore – Art & Culture –

It certainly is a magic. Films to look out for in I came to know from Tajer that the production cost, per maund. In all around the southern region of Bangladesh, jute is being cultivated this year the highest than the previous seasons.

Local people say, the water lilies are now being sent to saline regions of Barisal, Gopalganj, Pirojpur, Swarupkathi, Inderhaat, Kaukhali, Najirpur, Patuakhali and Jhilanbari, where vegetable is produced at a low rate. They believe this region will shine in success with chilli production. Few countries depend on imports. Demand of his vegetables increase every day. Ansar Ali matti more in production and achieving success.

In Chuadanga district, it was cultivated on double area than targeted. He was hopeful of allocating a special budget for the people of charlands. But how all of it actually started? They come out from the soil at the evening.