Duitsland. Progress after five days of goldwork embroidery Sticken, Germany. Märchenhaftes .. Or Nue- Basiliek Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Hanswijk (Mechelen) Belgium. .. 16th-century English embroidery from a frontal in St John’s College, . 1, Vlag van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland FRG · Heinz Fütterer . BEL · Lucien Hanswijk, ,6. 6, Vlag van België GBR · John Parker, 14,6. 3, Vlag van de . 2 Duitsland; 3 Frankrijk Interieur van de OLV van Hanswijk. Kerststal in de OLV van Het gedenkteken voor John Cobb aan de oever van Loch Ness.

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In the first session we will hit the filter buttons from different angles. In and he had to appear before a court in Luxembourg along with the two whistleblowers of the Lux Leaks case. Try the group-by function in Access duitsand get hooked! Een kweekvijver van het kasteel Terlaemen karpers voor de Russische tsaren.

At this workshop four such tools will be introduced and it will be discussed when and how they diitsland useful to journalists and what to watch out for. She is a Brown Institute Magic Granteeworking on a investigative data project aiming at making financial statements of public companies more transparent and more accessible to journalists. Familiarity with Excel navigation and formulas; beginner statistics. Is hidden camera a forbidden tool?

How do you plan a workshop that shares your knowledge and empowers reporters? Currently he writes for the Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, about pollution and climate change. In this session, you’ll learn how to illustrate your story with an interactive map using the free Leaflet javascript library.


My session’s for you!

Rietje Koane te Maldegem. Personal Data Wobbing As online companies have more and more power, it becomes critical that journalists investigate and hanswik their practices. We standardize it so that it can be made comparable, visualized and analyzed. Het Stadsmusmuseum te Hasselt. De binnentuin in het classicistisch gedeelte van architect Lodewijk Roelandt. The European CO2 market – working the data Let’s unite forces and explore. And what about libel tourism via — say — the UK or Ireland?

Jan Palfijn te Gent. Log in Sign up. When do you slow down duitsalnd when do you accelerate your training pace?

Book reviews of genealogy books are reasonable to post. Since I’m also a member of the Investigate Europe team.

Gebruiker:Paul Hermans/Fotoalbum

Het kasteel van Heers. All hands-on networking round table presentation workshop. In the hands-on session we will use the subsidy-story dataset to show how to start fuitsland stories from a dataset that is over 2 million lines big. Bij het kogelslingeren verbeterde zijn landgenoot Mikhail Krivonosov het record tot 63,34 m. Het onthaal van Stadsmuseum Gent.

How to convince your publisher that European stories can be sustainable? Heer van Dreischor en Zwijnsbergen. Networking reception at Mechelen city hall Drinks in Mechelen’s great city hall. duitskand


EIJC17 & Dataharvest: Full Schedule

Hans-Martin Tillack Investigativer Reporter, stern. We are all under constant surveillance, and your contact with a source or other journalistic work sometimes requires extra protection.

The project, coordinated by Correctiv. Ros Beiaardommegang met de gebroeders Van Damme.

Europese kampioenschappen atletiek 1954

Lakenhal en belfort van Herentals. Antoni died around in Amsterdam Nhaged about 3. But in the meantime the EU has passed a controversial directive to protect trade secrets, which journalists in Europe must be aware of, if they want to cover business in the future. Wilhemina died on Friday 18 November in Vught Nbaged Participants will immerse in open discussions, hands-on demonstrations with live critique, and take home a unique workshop report collecting all presentations, tip sheets and used data.

It also collaborated with journalists and scientists side by side and thus follows the new trend of journo-scholar collaborations. She has a master’s degree in moder Children of Bernard and Johanna: Paleis van de Prinsbisschoppen. All Keynote networking round table panel panel discussion presentation workshop.

Local and European – global journalism made in Bristol The Bristol Cable is a citywide media co-operative publishing in print and online.