Don’t worry at all, Miss Feride But recently you and I have been arguing more than I ever did with Melih. URDU 1 is one the fresh and leading channels in Pakistan. Let the whole world stop, and time stand still This presented By Color Tv. But I’m a little worried my beautiful daughter You know what to do? This franchise holds big cooking competitions all across the world.

Settle this account, if you’re a man. You too dear, don’t just stand there like a new bride who’s shy from her groom. The airline ticket is ready All of these shows are family shows, provide entertainment, awareness, and are also worth watching. And until that day I won’t leave one thing that I need to take from someone. You always feel anxious, always afraid that something will happen to you.

And now, I will work on transferring you to Feride Sadoglu’s office.

Karadayi – Episode 85 – 14 April , Urdu 1

In a very less time of just years, URDU 1 broadcasted some very exceptional programs. Your mother was right Even the neighborhoods you are from is proof that this matter will never be possible. URDU 1 has this Moto to provide viewers with premium quality content and to successfully take itself as well as the Pakistani entertainment to new the heights. Now, in just one year, URDU 1 has become the leading movie producers of the country too.


You and I should do that one day too, what do you think? maradayi

Rangrasiya Colors Tv is On air today 9 July you can see this drama serial on www. The only one whom me and your mother can accept as a groom for you, is Sinan.

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A person does not know the value of what he has until he loses it. The show includes mostly ramp walks by models. Mahir is the only person in this life that I want to grow old with. Vidpk — Pakistani Entertainment Portal.

Karadayi EP 95 Urdu Drama *Season 1* HD – YouTube

This presented By Star Plus. He seems like a polite man The company is a group of talented engineers from all across the globe.

I’m sorry I’m disturbing you at this time. Since beginning, URDU 1 has been airing some informative and astonishing shows.

You know that I went to Istanbul the other day, to attend a wedding. What more could you want, Feride?

The only thing I will ask of you is to establish a marriage life for yourself which makes you happy. In short, URDU 1 is presenting such shows and dramas that are exceptional, dare to speak on the taboos, and also try to break the stereotypes.


I’m very sorry, but I thought about it and thought you should know. Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: Since you’re not hungry, let’s talk while we drink our evening coffee.

All of these are experienced people in karadayu fields of Media, Telecommunication, and broadcastings. If mountains can’t stop love, then how can another person stop it, Mahir?

Karadayı – Karadayı Bölüm with subtitles | Amara

Dad, I thought we were going to share our burdens with each other. Your words are right I didn’t say anything about your relationship even though I knew Is there anything else you want to add to your statement?

Is this what we talked about yesterday? You too dear, don’t just stand there like a new bride who’s shy from her groom. He won’t think it was Mahir The airline ticket is ready You Can See links of Status.