The dad tells the mom to say it with words and not hit. He steps closer to TH and speaks in a low voice. I love that we ended with mom starting her day. The dad makes a motion to go after TB so she gets up and lies. TB says he knows that too and that he will handle it. Then I’ll catch up from where I left off:

I definitely don’t regret it. This is such a wonderful drama I recommended it to my friends. TP asks TB to go with him. J stares and pets her duckling and says in her head: Mom and TP follow TB into his room. SY tells Y to talk first — why did she come back. If I wanted to do something like that — I would have never stayed here. I really like this series for its hearts and its central “family” theme.

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SY asks why her aunt is here. Yeah softy I 2nd rainyrain…you should watch it as a viewer…no need to recap. I love how this drama doesnt drag matters out and people find out important info right away. But I am so desperate for Jaeun’s love triangle scenes. Make you suffer on purpose?

But yeh, I totally get what you imply by that Saranghe Joo Won ah. The mom worries about the ducklings. Thank you for the wrap-up post! TB sits and thinks and goes after her. Really thank you so much brotuers this softy! I really hope they have more screening time together because episoode already 14 episodes in and there’s barely any indication of romantic interest between the two. GM and ajumma — have fun.


It was subtle, but packed a punch. You know at first we didn’t watch this drama but now, I appreciate this drama for me and my mom.

Posted September 20, TB finally stops ducking his head down and looks up at her. By 0ly40 Started Thursday at Friend says she will overlook it once since J is pretty. Because she has the love and respect of everyone in her household. TS cautiously walks over to the tent and calls out quietly— JE shi? September 18, at I will just disappoint you once.

Say something cuz she said she was going to have it. They originally plan on a late spring wedding, but Tae-shik gets so excited about Mi-sook in her wedding dress that he twirls her around and breaks her ljakgyo, which means they have to postpone theirs.

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The mom keeps looking back at TB but SY is dragging her along. TP asks TB to go with him. TH uses a metaphor: What a journey and had absolutely no regrets. I can’t remember feeling soo sad that a drama ended EVER. That is so refreshing for a Kdrama.


SY tells Y to talk first — why did she come back. The mom says since SY is so pretty her husband must be so happy. Thanks so much for the recap Girlfriday!

My favorite scene tonight: See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. He asks why she had to do that in front of his mom.

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They have great chemistry together! Their boss walks in so D changes the site to pull up pics of Yuna Kim. But at the same time, Soo-young is making ojakgo decision to leave him — so he comes home ready for a fresh start, when she announces that they should divorce. September 19, at 6: I will ask you as a favor one more time to think it over carefully.