Subscribe to receive new post. This site uses cookies. However, his gloomy and depressed mood did not remain hidden from his family. Dastan has great actors in it. Still his apology was sincere. It was very emotional and very moving but still close to reality. Why did Vasim go to Chacha disgusting to make peace with his mother is beyond my understanding.

After helping her father, the painful memories of her childhood came running to her. I have noticed that Suriya is turning out to be a much better actor then Sanam. Now, Akmal and his mother are trying their best to help the family, but so far they have faced nothing but disappointment. It was his constant encouragement that made Kulsoom confident that she can succeed. Soon after the marriage, Noor Jahan found another lover, this time her cousin. I can hardly wait to see how they counter him this time.

He has started working for his friend, who has a gambling business and manufactures fake medicines which make him synonymous with a murderer.

Normally, action scenes in our drama serials are directed episoed poorly; even the best directors fail to make them look convincing but Mehreen Jabbar, of course, is a pro and one can only expect revieew best from her.

Brilliantly done with little or no dialogue between our leads: So much attention has been given to small details. If it were up to me, I would term it as the best serial of and this is no emotional comment. This site uses cookies. These and so many other dialogues spoken by episodr Asher would make my blood literally boil and quite possibly evaporate with anger when he forgets how much he trusted Khirad.

He has started a business with his friend and is now flourishing. I think number 7 is a lucky number. He also encouraged Akmal to come out of his fear and admit his love for her. Shazi gets a fever and faints. Revew took them 7 episodes to be finally engaged… Yeah long time mate!! Nothing was too rushed or too dragged. The whole Rishta process…. The feature I found most admirable about this scene was that it seemed real and convincing. That sounds like a funny and a crazy idea though: D naa dont worry yeh dramapakistani hai koi shadi.


Munawwar Saeed was wasted in this episode. Akbari Asghari Reblog episodes Samina Peerzada excelled in her role though along with Danish Taimour. And then there is the fear of what everyone else will think of her. The actors were superb, especially Samina Peerzada.

He convinces Shamim to let Kulsoom complete her education and starts tutoring her again.

Not many people in our society have the ability to think rationally, without being judgemental. Almost like a member of the house, he is there whenever the family needs him and never hesitates to help. Waseem, being the unreasonable and reckless man that he is, started showing his true colours, beating her every time he saw the two of them together, only to be beaten back by her mother.

She will definitely be remembered for this performance. While Akmal is tutoring Kulsoom Vasim comes home seems drunk actually and starts being abusive to everyone including Akmal. Tu to bilkul mere jesi dikhti hai! On the Akmal front, he seems to be doing really well for himself.

Dastan Episode 7 Review | DRAMA PAKISTANI®

For a man with an inflated ego like Waseem, this situation is almost impossible to digest. Thanks to Waseem, they are, once again, facing a severe financial crisis.

Meanwhile Akmal is now getting into a small business with a friend. Akmal was missed but we would see him in the next episode. No matter what their financial situation, the family is united and considerate towards each other.

Rehaai Episode 7 – 29th April 2013

Vasim starts strangling Akmal and even ends up hitting his mother and Shehnaz. However, his gloomy and depressed mood did not remain hidden from his family. Chacha disgusting shows up and starts yelling at Kulsoom. Shamim and this is the other saving grace of the episode tells him off like there is no tomorrow and tells him to never come there again.


Mehreen Jabbar has once again portrayed her brilliance. She can find humour in almost anything and lives in the great state of Texas USA but she misses England. About US Submit a review. As for Danish Taimoor, episove can see his acting abilities maturing with every scene.

His performance was splendid. Though she told him that she trusts him and she wished she could do something for the two, she was helpless.

Rebiew biggest redemption moment, however, came when his mother yelled at him for being so callous and selfish by telling him how much they suffered because of his absence. With Sara however he is very straightforward, warning her that such behavior would never be tolerated. Rehaai started out very strong eeview even with extremely nauseating scenes, was commendable.

Though he is ashamed and rehaa his mother for forgiveness, his attitude towards his wives is still the same. He sure has a big heart, to forgive the man revie accused him of having an affair with his wife and kicked him out of his job.

I am sure many of us found some fleeting reflection of our own lives in the Asher and Khirad connection. The future is once again, murky and dark. By Farwa Batool Naqvi Advertisements. Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting. After helping her father, the painful memories of her childhood came running to her. Obviously, she was enraged and refused to sympathise with Shamim.