I just finished reply and loved it. Girlfriend, I would cry, too. Farpavilions September 8, at And it wasn’t a lame one, either! By jinijung Started October 5, There were so many little things I wouldn’t have picked up if I hadn’t read the recaps. I loved everything about this series. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

The next day Joon-hee gets a call from Shi-won and he says the roommate conversation went well, saying that Yoon-jae is surprisingly dumb sometimes. I’ve tried Dramacrazy and mysoju before still not available in our country.. I think he occasionally visits Junhee at hospital. We were growing and therefore becoming different from each other. I probably knew before you did. Wow, thank you very much for making this list.

Korean Drama Review: Answer Me/Reply 1997 (2012)

Email required Address never made public. Anyway when i first saw the doctor i thought she’s rather familiar and did a lil bit of browsing. I have gone back to downloading via torrent, but does anyone know where I can get softsubs for this when they become available? The staff also added that was also a time when pop music was at its peak, while the Korean economy was tanking.

Korean Drama Review: Answer Me/Reply () – POPdramatic

I usually find draamacrazy in dramas rather tedious. In fact, he was more like a father figure to Yoon Jae, and the one who taught Yoon Jae to get up and fight for what he loves.

She reaches the end of the tale and becomes lost deep in thought…Seoul: Tae-woong checks into the hospital for a surgery to remove a colon polyp.

She tells him to say it again. Yet, even though everything happens online, they still cause quite noticable problems for the stars in real life. He is like a nurse falling for a patient that needs to be taken care. But after checking it out, I was pleasantly surprised how nostalgic, sweet and poignant this show was.


I totally missed that. So he came to visit Joon Hee in the hospital.

I agree with Farpavillions that Taewoong is trying to get her to see that they could have a happy ending. Joon-hee continues to ignore the rant. Thank you so much for this list! My love also extends to the other cast members, whom I had been either completely unfamiliar with or hadn’t had a chance to see in anything noteworthy yet.

He has nothing at all.

We were growing and therefore becoming different from each other. He pulls over, reeling from the confession. I prefer the former He says that both the brothers liked her all on their own, with no regard for her feelings.

Just wondering how you know it? Sad because this means that the bar has been raised higher and it will probably take a while til anything comes close to being as awesome as Answer Me A senior colleague from his alma mater recognizes him and introduces his friend, a fellow lawyer in the private sphere.

Answer Me 1997

I can’t believe dgamacrazy kids are newbies to acting. Joon-hee had some stand-out character moments in these episodes. You can watch it online at Dramacrazy. And omg I’ve stopped at the end of ep 13 because I’m crying over how sweet and askgckjhgdafskjdgc Joon Hee is and how sad it’s for him. Indigo March 7, at 2: This couple is just undeniably perfect in every way. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

There were so many little things I wouldn’t have picked up if I hadn’t read the recaps. He just takes another breath. But the thread is twisted this way and that, making it hard to find the other end.


They are doing an excellent job. Thank you for the recap! Anyway,thanks for the recap! You have to confess right now.

Playlist: Answer Me – Following Kpop

Geeme Koon February 7, at Oh my freaking god. Maybe Taewoong is gently trying to get her to see his alternate ending? I should have just told her like this that I like her.

However, all of a sudden, we began to change. The singer in this song sounds like it may be Vanessa Carlton but I am not absolutely sure. It’s to show how thankful we are that they raised us and provided for us. Remember after that stairs scene, he sramacrazy met Junhee although he saw Shiwon too must be because he was still avoiding Shiwon? And this is exactly the effect a soundtrack needs to have.

She brought it up? First time I thought of the spider daddy long legs here in Dgamacrazy we get them in our house all the time! I know, in comparison, he suffered a lot more and she never knew how he felt. Included in this group of nostalgic people is singer Kim Dong Ryul, whose songs were actually played in the drama many times. So I found it and uploaded it. But the winner today is Yoon Yoon-jae, who treated his best friend the same, the day after and the day before he found out that Joon-hee liked him.