At first he loses, but recalling how people have been treating him the past semester, he decides to not be a pushover anymore, and wins a race against the Drift King. Meanwhile, Jenny has become a social pariah due to her choking in the semifinals. They find him at a laundromat arcade playing Axe Legend just to hear Freddie’s voice again. Retrieved September 1, You know, it’s fine. I’m a chess master, D. The Barnstormers agree, but stipulate that match will be a 64 player game, so the VGHS team must find 32 players if they want to compete. Ki loses the debate when she announces that she wants to set aside part of the school budget to modernize the unpopular Social Game Club’s computers.

I’m gonna say “Ki, the pizza vote! The Law has moved in with Ted and Brian, and is being miserable to everyone in residence. While fleeing from the arcade owners, Ted appears to have an epiphany and wanders off into the night, all while Ki attempts to call him to find out where he is. Wendell, if the school finds out you’ve been pubstomping, they’ll. After being stopped by bullies, and chasing the cat around the house, he returns to his computer in time to kill world-famous FPS player The Law. Meanwhile, both the new and old Laws find out they have a lot in common and become friends. When the brothers try to bribe him, Calhoun permanently bans them from the school. A third season was hinted at during the fundraising for season 2.

Ted gets the courage to tell his father he is not a rhythmic gamer, and wants to drift, but Freddie rofketjump him to sign up for rhythmic gaming. He struggles to fit in and clashes with The Law, and gets expelled, but signs up for first-person shooter FPS tryouts, and gets accepted onto the Junior Varsity JV team. Ki, you have to help me.

This causes Brian and Ted to get into another fight, further straining their relationship. Winning is what you do.

A vote for me is a vote for pizza! With the school saved, the students celebrate. Later that night, Ted sneaks out of the house, so Ki, Brian, and Jenny go out to look for him.

Over brunch with the head of the national FPS league, Jenny gets mad at her mother for reinserting herself into her life, but Brian helps to change her mind. Season 1 episodes were released once a week, from May 11 to July 5, Season 2 Episode 1 Welcome to Varsity. While fleeing from the arcade owners, Ted appears to have an epiphany and wanders off into the night, all while Ki attempts to call him to find out where he is. Wendell’s my running mate, but you’ll be first boyfriend if I win.


Season 1 Episode 8 Locked in the System. Brian has nightmares after The Law’s threats, and wakes up to find that much of the school hates him. Meanwhile Ted is sleep deprived, and misses the due date for his drifting assignment.

The fighting is brutal, with many players on both sides getting killed early.

Brian gets pumped up by Jenny’s pre-game speech, learning the game will not be affected by her relationship rodketjump The Law, but then hears from The Law that he put her up to putting him in the scrimmage. Video Game High School is a RocketJump webseries set in a universe where pro gaming is the world’s biggest spectator sport, and where teenagers are recruited into high schools designed to hone their pro gamer skills. The Law agrees to keep Episove in his room, but remains miserable.

VGHS is family, and I know around here certain family members get all the attention. The first season has a movie format, broken into nine episodes, following Brian’s acceptance into Video Game High School, and his first week there.

He is asked to leave the school by administration, and starts a fight with Games Dean. It was really hard to stand in front of those people and say that I’m the only that gets to call you mom. Jenny has a chance to stop Napalm with a single sniper shot, but chokes under the pressure, allowing Napalm to win the match. Lists of web series episodes. Season 1 Episode 6 Carpe Diem. Jenny decides to join a pro FPS team after the tournament, and intends to tell Brian when she invites him to dinner after the Napalm match.

Video Game High School (VGHS) – Ep. 6 – video dailymotion

In desperation, she secretly fills the ballot box with deason votes for herself. Relieved that Brian doesn’t hate her, Jenny agrees to get back with him. Brian finds out Jenny is dating The Law. VGHS is celebrating L33tmas, a combination of all holidays. School is back in session October 13, ! Ted steals soda from the faculty lounge for the drifting team, there the Duchess of Kart kisses him and steals the key.


Three Laps, Three Rounds, Three Words – RocketJump

However, in the middle of the game, they receive news that Ted father, Freddie Wong, had died in a motorcycle accident. He covers up its death and lies to the MMO Club to get their votes. He then gives a rousing speech to the rest of the students, encouraging them to at least go down swinging and play one last game. When a girl comes to battle her meek friend Wendell, Ki takes his place. Jenny tells her mother that she and Brian are bghs about dating, and that she feels her mother was never there for her.

Video Game High School.

Three Laps, Three Rounds, Three Words – Behind the Scenes

After being asked a series of publicly humiliating questions, Jenny manages to wow the crowd with her opera singing skills. When he is released, Ted finds out to his horror that the Tomowatchi he had been holding as leverage against the MMO Club has died.

Ted gets locked into a car racing game where he meets rocketjunp glitching race.

The Barnstormers agree, but stipulate that match will be a 64 player game, so the VGHS team must find 32 players if they want to compete. Disappointed in her sons’ failure, the mother of the Barnstormer brothers cancels the buyout and severely scolds them.

You were never there for me, and dad, the one that “always got in the way,” he epissode always there epispde me. Ki initially ignores Wendell when he welcomes her back, and makes a game where you walk endlessly until you let go of the controls, and your character dies.