Off with flames Fullmetal Alchemist – Rated: Someone is aiding the Homunculi from within Central and whispers of a completed Stone echo through the corridors. Something bad happened to Naruto during the battle, and Naruto is being called back into the realm of demons. Athrun Zala rejoiced when Cagalli Yula Atha slipped on the same ring she left behind three years ago. Ed starts realising that maybe something is missing. Sol ruminates on his relationship with Ky on a stormy Sunday morning in October. Boy’s Love Scramble, originally released by the.. Feuer Roy Shiroima is a victim of visions about a man who is like him but not.

He is broken now and now he suffers. Harry learns during his seventh year that his life can change forever in a single moment in time. It is also a sequel to Bit Cloud’s Admirer. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This one is set during Ishbal. Rated M for overall content Prince of Tennis – Rated: If you have not played the game or know nothing about the Gakuen Heaven world, you might not understand the relationships between the characters. I am pointing the middle finger at roy pervert the whole entire time.

SweetHeart Trigger Chapter 4.

[RoyEd CD Drama] Blue Flame 1/4 – Подвал

Login to quote this blog Login Close. Ghost In The Shell Dark Entity by BehindInfinity reviews During a rescue operation to save hostages from a group of terrorists, Togusa is captured, unaware by the rest of Section 9 until it was too late. It’s a delightful bit of BL fluff, and everyone I know who’s seen it adores it.

Gakuen heaven is a pc based anime and manga. I thought the title said ” Slam Thick ” so I continued the song ” with xrama cute ass “. Shop with confidence on eBay!


No one is to know what he is. Mystic Nights reviews My first fan-fic so be nice.

They all might be blurs in his vision but they were his blurs Identification Number O by ZaMaShi reviews In the war, Cagalli is a spy, but in order to obtain the secrets she needs she will have to be made a victim of the same monstrosity that started the war. You are NOW my new profound friend. I am forced to stay here, for the sins I have commited.

M – English – Drama – Chapters: Stream drama cd seventh heaven tokuten- shinigami gakuen by yona kawaii from desktop or your mobile device. Customer service is our top priority!

A different, more slightly incestial and slashy look at the infamous battle on top of Temennigru. These also include my smut fics. Our shop retails Gakuen Heaven 2 -Double Scramble! Don’t like, don’t read. Lucifer Hisaki hide bio.

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[RoyEd CD Drama] Skin Flick

Idk if watching this makes us all perverted or if it makes us all crazy fangirls. Kakashi finds himself bored one day, and in an effort to relieve that boredom decides to challenge his teams former sensei to a fight. Feuer Roy Shiroima is a victim of visions about a man who is like him but not. Will his friends be able to awaken Ed, and what happens to Auric if they do? Not Image Gakuen Heaven: Changing Circumstances by Kit3 reviews Under Construction.


Please read and review! Rated M for overall content Prince of Tennis – Rated: This version has been abandoned. Card Captor Sakura – Rated: View saved quotes Close. I just turned the volume off and read it becaus the audio was cringey. This is the first time I seen a drama cd for a doujinshi. Wait 12 secs into the video we have full on oral This CD single also includes an instrumental version of Panorama, if you’ve got that karaoke urge!

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Get the best yaoi mangas and anime, yaoi games, boy love novels and movies. Me watching the video Lil Sis: I mean, I know that there are drama cds for offical manga which use the doyed seiyuu, but what is this? Back to BL, what impression did you have of it.

All Beta’d Power Rangers – Rated: Complete with Epilogue and what not. I know there’s a manga called Gakuen Heaven which is for boys, but this series IS also called Gakuen Heaven There have been games, mangas and CD dramas before the anime started, so no wonder our Gakuen Heaven for girls is popular in Japan!

Vampire fic Gundam Seed – Rated: It’s really a series though and it shows the best of all my writing skills. There was an exception.