Guardian Character Nurse and Safeguarding? As many X Eggs gather, Kazuomi shuts down the tuning fork, dissolving Ikuto’s transformation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At the party, she surprises Amu and challenges her to three duels to settle who’s the most popular before she leaves. He promises that he is going to go to school the next day and talk over the situation with Amu. Rikka then learns what happens when a heart’s egg is purified. Archived from the original on October 6,

First Laughter in Character Transformation!? Egg turns into an X Egg ,and everything goes back to normal. Amu says this isn’t Ikuto’s would-be self and triggers the full power of the Humpty Lock. Lulu notices this and keeps a close eye on her. Kazuomi says that he will get it for Hikaru. Rima begins to have flashbacks of when she was nearly kidnapped, but Yaya reassures her.

Then, she returns to her egg and flies away, with Ran and Miki following her. After Ikuto wakes up, Amu shows gladness that Ikuto was showing signs of being stronger than earlier, when he was weak.

Amu uses Remake Honey to clear everyone’s delusion, tells Fuyuki to keep trying, and purifies him. The Great Mystery Egg Runaway!!

Nana senses the confesser’s nervousness and Lulu turns his Heart’s Egg into a? The egg is purified with Hikaru following after the newly purified egg had left. Utau get annoyed and says to it “Why don’t you try the thing you don’t want to; maybe it turn out to be more greater than you ever thought. Amu and her family are invited over to a friend’s house for Christmas, but little did Amu know that it was going to be at Lulu’s place.

Tsukasa shows the young Hikaru a picture book, but he angrily dismisses it as pointless and rips a page out of it. She runs off, and Lulu finds her. Utau begs Amu, and Amu finds Ikuto. Utau later appears as Seraphic Charm and comes to help when Amu is bound by music notes. Now that Utau is famous, Yukari is planning on moving to a bigger office. She goes to school and tells Yaya, Amu and then Nagihiko, which immediately ends when people realize Nagihiko and Amu together.


Yaya has applied to have teen model Cokki Sakurai come to the school. X Eggs gather around the sound of pizzicato Plucking the stirings of an instrument like violin and the silhouette of an ominous new Character Transformation.

Kiseki mourns for the statue after the collapse. She doesn’t believe Ikuto, so he states he must be the boy that cried wolf, and they both go to sleep.

Shugo Chara!! Doki episode 23

Amu and her Guardian Characters help Sjugo to find it. Then, they talk about all the Guardians, and how Diamond hatched. Manami tells Amu that she dreams of being a florist some day. When Amu looks at Tadase, the students see them looking at each other and think the two are ‘going out,’ and write this in the newspaper.

Surprisingly, Mimori can’t see Su but can hear Su’s voice. The two of them go out to talk. Rikka is excited to have her Guardian egg, and she tries to get it to hatch.

The three of them go to the stage the performance is going to be held and Amu asks to see Nadeshiko. This third installment introduces a new anime-only character, Rikka Hiiragi, a transfer student who can understand X Eggs. Kukai hearing about Nagihiko’s newly born Character goes and visits them to meet Rhythm where Daichi and Rhythm become fast friends.

The Feeling to Take Off! Meanwhile at Amu’s house, Amu is unable to sleep due to having Ikuto in the same bed as her. Amu hopes that Ikuto will be able to hear Utau’s song someday. Retrieved July 2, Ikuto begins to feel pain, but Kazuomi forces him to play again. Rikka asks Hotaru why she didn’t character change with her and because of this was the reason she messed up. During a snowy day in town, Tsukasa realizes that his wallet was lost, so Ikuto plays the violin. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


It turns out Wakana wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

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As the Guardians are leaving their meeting, Amu hears about a cat-eared person showing up, only to find out that it’s a girl named Chiyoko Nakayama, or, as the girl stated, “Choco” as a nickname. Platinum Royale catches up to them, and Tadase forgives Ikuto. Hikaru comes, Tadase and Nagihiko try their best to convince Hikaru that he should apologize to Rikka. Rima gets jealous of Nagihiko because of all the time being spent with Amu, so Amu and Nagihiko take Rima to the mall.

Rikka talks to Hikaru about why did he hurt Kimi, and episoed asks if Rikka herself understands Kimi’s feelings, Rikka gets angry and slaps Hikaru.

That night, Amu gets a text message from Tadase, who is still searching for Ikuto. All her methods end up failing, and she ends up playing for a long time.

Amu dreams about what Tadase told her in the previous episode. But due to some mistakes they just make the mess worse. Everyone becomes silent until Yaya changes the subject. The egg eventually hatches to reveal Kiran, Hinako’s Guardian Character. Are the Two Rivals? They try to interview Epiosde, but security is too strict.