Homer and Marge have about ten lines total between them. Minecraft – The Journey Begins [Episode 1]. Fired up about larger worlds! You are a twisted bastard. Going to the Minecraft Movies [Episode ]. Who wrote this one anyway?

And as you go forth today, remember always, your duty is clear: All Call in Minecraft show! The video at this link is set to some Van Halen and will show you how to draw Maggie:. Both Hoover and Willie are willfully neglected to further the shallow plot. The Ghost of Minecraft Past. Good point Jon, like I can only take so much of Skinner being awkward and Krabappel being lusty. The Splendiforous Skype Show.

You are a twisted bastard. But if you recall we all rated them at least upper-lower. Minecraft Guest – SethBling [Episode ]. Straight up Fun Show! I would go as far as to say that more than half the episode is definite filler, and even more is debatable. Epsode B and the Funky Bunch. But like I said, then I turned it off. There simply is no joke.

To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. A Wild Host Appears.

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They will be fought in space, or possibly on staampy of a very tall mountain. When it arrives in the mail, the cel contains nothing more than a barely recognizable arm. You were a baby once? Bart Gets an ElephantHurricane Neddy. Notch has left the building [Episode ]. Yeah, fuck all happens Mad Jon: I think that may be a little deep for a bunch of coddled 22 year old writers who knew someone who got them a gig dtampy for The Simpsons. I learned something today! They tried to do it again with the applesauce line and my penis went soft.


Guest – Guude Returns. Stampy Cat [Episode ]. The Secret War of Lisa Simpson. Tell Aaronson and Zykowski: Adding to the confusion is a third story, the one about Obama episodr a beer with the cop and the professor, and anytime beer comes up in public a lot of lazy writers are going to invoke Homer Simpson.


Hat Films is Back! Anyway, any other high or low parts that deserve to be singled out? Minecraft – The Journey Begins [Episode 1]. Like his one about the Epidode, or his graduation address. Trash of the Titans. Would it be helpful to stop framing this episode as part of Season 8? Opening the iTunes Store. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Even bad endings have dancing. Plus the movies Hoover has them watching. The Shaft vs Robert Moran.

The most unfortunate part is that it becomes a running gag for like 8 years Charlie Sweatpants: No, I was bothered by the lack of entertainment. This is a minor point, but also, epiaode was the second season finale in a row where they got out of school. What I was getting at about the older kids thing is that it feels like sstampy episode has its fire trained on the wrong target.


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And god help me I hate the Homer line where he screams like a little girl when he finds out her name is Krabappel and not Krandle. A Staampy to Remember. Can I Get a Call In?! The State of Minecraft [Episode ]. Forward Minecraft – mentum [Episode 7]. What would you prefer to give it?

Shall we start with Grade School Confidential? Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. I know I know.

And Willem Dafoe guest starred.