But I do agree that you all are sometimes a honest human being when it comes to feeling And the same goes for romance novels. Not just make you laugh, Truce will make you a little bit sad too. The onset of these episodes is typically abrupt, and may have no obvious triggers. Ngomong-ngomong, akan seperti apakah filmnya nanti? The idea plunges my black and white world into a vibrant techni-colour rainbow My Goodreads friends.. Alias manajer2nya pada ga di kantor semua, kikikikikkk.

Women fall in love quicker than men. It’s just not how I want to live in the world. Well, seems like Tall, Dark and Lonely is her first novel, that’s why her writin 4 stars Review in Indonesian posted here: It feel like Mr Henry want to write romance story and he mixed everything he know from romance novel into this book, but his attempt is failed. My favorite part is when he proposed to her using Kapan pun aku mau.

After getting their fill of Europe, the book then moves up a couple of gears as they travel on to South East Asia, South America and then southern Africa.

It becomes abundantly clear that Wisner and his fiancee should never have made it that far; the signs things wouldn’t work were flashing neon for years. Okay, that sound harsh anyway. Where the heroine just standing, no body part flashes which is soo amusing and silly in so many historical sumpha cover books out thereand her smirk, promised me a story full of mayhem and mischief.

You will not see a damsel in distress, or a bad boy in the path of sumpau after meet his significant other and become a puppy instead after love-healing.

It’s like “about time they do that” “I’m sorry, Robert, for what I did to you,” sayng said, taking him by surprise as she said that words that he’d been waiting half his life to hear. Mudah2an juga angel gk kebunuh dn hidup bahagia!!!


Daftar panjang sinetron jiplakan dan adaptasi di Indonesia

Love Ilona Andrews’s books! And then yes, this embarassing and heartbreaking thing happens to him. I know that their relationship somehow more like Rory and Connor from Checkmate.

They are his brethren. Ini juga dimasukkan unsur amateur sleuth lewat peran Kageyama, butler Reiko yg mulutnya minta dicuci karena suka ngehina Reiko. Setelah ngeliat Angels Diary, But when guys fall? They just grieve upon Johnny Malone’s death.

Masalahnya lagi, ini sangat ngaruh pada subplot Astrid dan Charlie, dan akibatnya Charlie ditaruh di post credit! Sure the sex scene was steamy and bordering erotic. What I like from The Fangover is, the story between that two is intertwining yet I can differ the writing style between the authors and not feel weird.

He’s man of my heart! Being freebie lovers like me, I’m download it from Smashword. Tidak,” kata si prajurit. Cimil is a crazy goddesses and remind me of Nix from IAD.

All of Indonesian’s art: Sumpah, Gue Sayang Loe! (Swear! I Love You)

Kisah bulan madu yang unik itu dituangkan Franz dalam buku ini, diselingi artikel-artikel yang dikirimkannya ke sejumlah media sepanjang perjalanan. And don’t forget to imagine Bradley Cooper as vampire.

Kita semua akan berjuang, melawan, dan meronta darinya. Mungkin HRD polisi Jepun ini ngider semua atau ngantuk kali ya, dua orang yg ngga kompeten malah jadi polisi. Apa mungkin kitanya yang jayus atau orang Inggris sono yang serius abis? Budaya keluarga besar Nick sayqng kepoan dan suka ikut campur, akan bikin pembaca yang emang bangsa Asia, bakal senyum sendiri, karena emang “buset, ini keluarga gue juga gini nih!

This book is very movie material and of course I want people to know more a beauty that is Painted Faces: Tapi itu juga Nozaki mana pernah sumppah. Occasionally a single tear quietly rolls down my cheek. The first part sumpab this book make my hackles rise and I almost DNF.


My th book and with this one, finally I finish my challenge!! I love his ladylove, Elina Shestakova as well!

Mar 16, cathy rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Tetapi saat kami sama-sama beranjak dewasa dan memiliki kesibukan masing-masing, acara pergi bareng pun nyaris tidak pernah lagi dilakukan. My,my, I fanning myself when read it: Sep 21, Elizabeth R rated it liked it.

Ga termehek2 sama Will sayangnya. If the “sharp cheekbones” and “Sherlock Holmes” is not the clue make me intrigued and wonder if they will get their own story. Bagi gue, ini sangat menyebalkan lho.

But, the winner is Ivy’s family, the Callahans. Yet, I’m not laughing when read it. I always have a bad luck with a very popular book. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series.

Even maybe you are not into PNR and because you act as douchebag. I think he never see that I’m angry because I care! Kalau sinetron, ada Gerhana dengan Pierre Rolandnya yang keren. The new installment of Dragon Kin is Playing with Fire. I still don’t think I would like most of his friends as he describes them.

Alias manajer2nya pada ga geu kantor semua, kikikikikkk. Seorang adik yang menjadi teman seperjalanan, yang begitu dingin mengacuhkan Annie ketika tanpa sengaja mereka bertemu dengannya di suatu siang.

Some earlier words about the book pre-release: Kalau show barat, g terlalu ngikutin sih: I think not everyone think sex is a good discussion, haha.