Retrieved October 14, In order to solve their problems, Ki’s parents decide to have them play Couple’s Council, a board game designed to repair relationships. Meanwhile Ted is sleep deprived, and misses the due date for his drifting assignment. How many episodes of Video Game High School have you seen? It’s about a kid and all the troubles of high school but in a very different way. Meanwhile, Napalm recruits the best pro players in the world, further demoralizing the school. Edit Did You Know?

We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover. Brian D 21 episodes, Ellary Porterfield He often helps out with Ki, especially during her election for class president; this also led to the two falling out. Edit Details Official Sites: The students are all forced out of the dorms, and Calhoun leaves the school in shame. Over the course of the season Jenny and Brian begin secretly dating, Jenny copes with having her mother back in her life, Brian tries to connect with his mother, Ted tries to fit in with the drifters, Ki finds her place at VGHS, and The Law picks himself up after losing so much.

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Video Game High School

This script is fine. Jenny gets the flu and has a strange dream, where she has the chance of joining a pro gaming team at the cost of killing Brian. Invitation to sit in on a writer’s room meeting for Season 3.

It’s like the shot heard around the world. Mary initially decides to bench Jenny and Brian, but lets them, and The Law, play. VGHS is celebrating L33tmas, a combination of all holidays.


Jenny tells her mother that she and Brian are serious about dating, and that she feels her mother was never there for her. Meanwhile, Napalm recruits the best pro players in the world, further demoralizing the school. Retrieved March 25, And I hope they benefit from all this at the end!

Ki loses the debate when she announces that she wants to set aside part of the school budget to modernize the unpopular Social Game Club’s computers.

Ki gets caught up in a mystery noir when Brian’s cat Cheetoh goes missing. Domino Prime 9 episodes, The games depicted are inventions of the show, with the most prominent being a first-person shooter named Field of Fire. Ted gets the courage to tell his father he is gvhs a rhythmic gamer, and wants to drift, but Freddie convinces him to vvghs up for rhythmic gaming.

They meet the Drift King who bullies Ted into a drifting game, Ted goes into a hypnotized state after playing.

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Brian and Ted then arrive, having temporarily called off their feud to convince her to return to school. Afterwards, The Law shows up and announces he is moving in with Brian and Ted. Retrieved August 2, Ki barely wins the election, but as they weason, the MMO Club arrives and demands the return of the Tomowatchi, and Ted is forced to admit its death.

Ashley Barnstormer 9 episodes, Riley Rose Critchlow Ted realizes he hates his father, and that Ki cares for him. Meanwhile Brian is running around the school helping out Calhoun, Jenny, Ki, and Ted, until he snaps. His cat hates him.

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It’s about a kid and all the troubles of high school but in a very different way. Jenny and Brian kiss in the locker room, and Brian meets up with Ted and Ki, who also got onto their teams.


Retrieved May 13, Jenny Matrix 20 episodes, Jimmy Wong Retrieved November 18, This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat After spending the night in the game he learns he must have fun and lose in order to be let out. Ted is quickly roped into a prank war between the Drifters and the Duchess and ends up getting into detention as a result.

Streamy Awards winners — Channel, Series, or Show. He is the main antagonist of seasons two and three, along with his brother Ashley. Ted then seasoj breaks down, accepting Freddie’s death and the fact that his father was “an asshole”.

Moriarty 12 episodes, However they eventually become friends again. Rhe returns to her family home, where her parents are curious why she’s dropped out of school, but Ki is reluctant to tell them.

Brian eventually comes to consider the FPS team better friends than Ted before they are picked up by the police. The Law agrees to keep Ted in his room, but remains miserable. Disappointed in her sons’ seasob, the mother of the Barnstormer brothers cancels the buyout and severely scolds them.