21 May Quality is a course which is to acquaint the student with the basic Which of the SCM related resource is available in Veloci-Q Procedures. Wipro’s integrated approach to quality—veloci-Q—is detailed with an emphasis on the process improvement initiatives, supporting technology, and people. 26 Jun Veloci-Q It makes a difference! / Business differentiator. What’s in it for the customer? Needs will be correctly and adequately understood.

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Repeatable Show Answer Answer: Master List of Documents b. International Systems Organization c. Which of the below situations recommends an RCA? Resource Plan Show Answer Answer: Project Manager Show Answer Answer: Call the customer and obtain feedback b.

Review, Approve and Incorporate Changes.

Provide the vwlociq team appropriate reward d. Which of this is a planned mechanism for Defect Prevention? Which of these is not true regarding an Observation recorded during an audit Answer: Make a small and manageable team c. This award is for achieving high soft-ware process capability and establishing a basis for moving to a broad improvement program that concerns people and products, rather than just the processes.


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Master list of documents c. Software Engineering Institute c.

Attain CMMi Level 5 compliance d. Guidelines Show Answer Answer: What is the 3rd level in CMMI called? Development, maintenance, service, testing etc d.

Who is doing what when and how to reach a specific goal.

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Check-in and check-out b. Execution Process Plan c. PIP board meeting c. Six Sigma 27 In a six sigma project, the problem owner is a. Header File Show Answer Answer: Change control Register Show Answer Answer: Which of the following can be used to validate the design Answer: Treasure house Show Answer Answer: Inconsistencies detected during development c. Maintaining a file system as work area is more space efficient than using a workspace. Difference between two versions of binary files b.

Choose the odd one: Control, Management, control, quality.

Labelling of files is recommended for updation information automatically. Partially bound configuration b. Which one of the following is not true about labels? Achieve customer satisfaction by providing defect free products and services on time. Long Transaction 53 In a scenario when different developers work in separate stable workspaces and the collection of their changes evolve a system, which concurrency control will you adopt?


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PDMR Project data and metrics report b. Work items that would undergo changes during product life cycle are known as Answer: Purpose of Project performance report is to Answer: Both a and b d.

Quality group recruitments b. Bound Configuration Show Answer Answer: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Any of the above Build customized versions of project for different clients b. Status of change request and defect reports b.

Development environment and features c. Merging of actual content; reflecting the merge in version history d. Is prepared for the Mission Quality Group b.