Being able to use one extrude object for all of them is much more efficient and quick,. Learn how to extrude in Cinema 4D with these helpful tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at some of the different Extrude Object Parameters in the menu. Hello – I have two issues I’m trying to sort out. These give the appearance of closed meshes. The three movement boxes correspond to the XYZ directions relative to the Extrude object, regardless of how the spline is oriented.

I’m assuming this part involves some amount of XPresso, but I’m just starting to be able use Xpresso for basic tasks and this one is beyond me. This can create problems in situations where acute angles in the spline may intersect once expanded. You need to activate the extrude tool. Posted May 3, This is useful if you intend to perform any kind of deformation on the geometry. Imported vector art often comes in as a series of many separate splines. What does Extruding in Cinema 4D do exactly?

Imported vector art often comes in as a series of many separate splines. The excellent CV-ArtSmart plugin from Cineversity which has a ton of other great tools that are free with an MSA is also a very robust option, bringing in colors with ease. Subdivision controls the number of loops created along the extrusion edge. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. It’s almost too easy. Let’s say a client sends you their fancy logo as an Illustrator file.


Put them all under 1 extrude and check the hierarhical button. Posted July 19, You don’t need to make them editable and manually create polygon selection sets.

Extrude nurbs – multiple paths

C1 and c2 for caps and R1 and R2 for roundings. Hope this helps Steve. Most seasoned 3D artists will tell you that even a small fillet can go a long way in enhancing the realism and appeal of your object. Posted May 3, Or, ya know, just do some good old fashioned IRL extruding, up to you.

The rounding controls refer to the fillets or chamfers that will form between the caps and the extruded sides. My second question is an extension of mulyiple first, is there a way to instance this Extrude NURBS object so that I can control just one and have the same settings go out to all the others. You need to activate the extrude tool.

This is helpful when you have many disconnected splines you want to extrude. Speaking of which, there are a few options for getting Illustrator files into Cinema4D. Just remember, the extrude tool is not parametric, so if you decide much later down the line you want to change the look of the extrusions, it could be pretty difficult to get back to the original state.

Remember to check out the Cinema4D documentation for cindma information on any of the parameters in the Extrude Object, or any other Generator. This is useful if you intend to perform any kind of deformation on the geometry.


Learn how to apply mograph animation techniques to imported Illustrator paths. Hierarchical will force the Extrude Object to look at all child splines. What does Extruding in Cinema 4D do exactly?

This saves having to make them editable. By default, the extrude tool will keep adjacent polygons connected when they are extruded if Preserve Groups is checked in the extrude extruee settings.

The Extrude Object is a generator that works on any kind of spline in Cinema4D. Using the Variance option in the tool can let you quickly create greebled looks on mmultiple kind of geometry in your scene, adding a secondary layer of detail and complexity.

featurerequests: Extrude multiple paths faster

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I mean extrudenurbs objects have built in selection sets. Preserve groups will keep adjacent extruded polygons together if their shared edge is below the Maximum Angle threshold. Movement specifies the direction and length of the extrusion relative to the orientation of the Extrude Object itself. You’re extruding like a pro. The eextrude scene is an example of this.