Season 8 Downton Abbey: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Season 2 Big Bang Theory: Season 2 Sons of Anarchy: Aleksandr Petek; At Home Released: They initially refuse, and after a tense therapy session, their parents ask that the girls end their friendships with one another. Just before the show, Spencer hands Noel the disc Mona asked her to deliver to him.

Emily passes out and is later saved from the death of carbon monoxide poisoning by “A” and dragged out of the barn. Retrieved February 22, She arrives to defend her intelligence and has Ali’s bag in tow. Seemingly terrified, she recounts that someone grabbed her and brought her there threatening to kill her with a knife. It’s the Halloween before Alison disappeared and where all of the secrets and lies began for Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. Season 11 Two and A Half Men: Pretty Little Liars —

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After Spencer finds a text message on Melissa’s phone, she suspects that the caller is Ian. Season 4 Modern Family: Season 2 Parks and Recreation: Season 5 Mike and Molly: Season 6 Once Upon A Time: Spencer discovers that Ali had been buried alive because Ali’s autopsy report mentions her having dirt in her lungs.

Toby climbs the scaffolding at the Hastings’ house and falls off causing him to break his arm. Do it fo the shorties! Can the liars go through with their given tasks in order to save one, or will they ignore “A” to save those around them from being hurt? Hanna’s father returns to town, but Hanna doesn’t trust him after seeing him marry into a new family. Lucas worries about his upcoming date with Danielle, so he asks Hanna to double with him and tells her to bring Caleb.


Season 2 Doctor Who: Season 1 Criminal Minds: Hanna realizes that A hadn’t sent that photo with Hanna’s phone, because there was no reason for A to help Kate.

Season 1 American Horror Story: Hanna’s dad is staying in Rosewood, and Hanna is confused to how she feels and why her mother is not reacting in romantic manners to Tom’s appearance.

The retro room is complete with chenille blanket and a whole lot of creepy. Emily runs up to the scene, where her mom tells her they found a body and they think it’s Maya. Season 1 Nurse Jackie: Powered quicostream Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Please read our terms of service.

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Season 8 Downton Abbey: With the help of Melissa’s ex-fiance Wren, the girls follow them out to an old silo, where Ian’s body is discovered, along with a suicide note. The girls freak out and leave before they can tell Dr. The adrenaline rush that accompanied her feelings of empowerment and her high level of intelligence fueled Mona’s ability to be seemingly all-knowing and omnipresent. Hanna’s mom allows Emily to have Samara and some of Samara’s friends over for a small get together, and A forces Emily to give her phone number to one of Samara’s friends, Liats.

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna deal with their own personal problems, before A exposes everything.

Retrieved January 10, She arrives to defend her intelligence and has Ali’s bag in tow. Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 1: Season 5 Sons of Anarchy: Hanna’s worst nightmare comes to fruition when Caleb becomes a target of “A” and his liar is in possession of the cops; Aria learns what Holden’s been keeping a secret.


Spencer, Emily, and Aria watch the rest of the video. They think it’s over, she says. TV by the Numbers.

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When Wren gets the word, loars Liars follow Melissa in a car to a cabin in the woods, a few seconds later Melissa screams, and when they enter the cabin, they see Ian’s dead body sitting up against the wall, along with a gun and a suicide notein which he has confessed to Alison’s murder. Melissa says she needs to tell Spencer something that she wanted to tell her at Ian’s funeral.

They dart back to Rosewood, leaving A staring at an empty room.

Wilden and Garrett go through Caleb’s files while Hanna successfully logs into Caleb’s account and finds the files “A” planted and deletes them clearing Caleb’s name. Season 1 Falling Skies: Blind Dates Episode 5: Season 1 Pretty Little Liars: Is she just scavenging for more toffee-flavored things?

They later cut ties with Garrett Reynolds after learning of his romantic relationship with Jenna, who Qukckstream had accidentally blinded in a prank gone wrong. But we can’t assume liara dead The girls flash back to Halloween coming home with Alison after Noel’s party.

Aria’s father makes numerous threats towards him, before causing him to lose his job at Hollis College. Season 2 American Horror Story: Spencer realizes that “A” wasn’t watching Ali; Ali was watching “A”.