Saraswatichandra calls Kumud, but hides about his whereabouts. Kusum allows Kalika to enter the house. Danny suggests Ghuman to leave for Dubai as the police are searching for her. Saraswatichandra tries to convince her that he has not consumed alcohol, but in vain. Kumud does not like the house provided by the company. Kumud sends Kusum to serve tea to Saraswatichandra on the terrace.

But, Ela stops her son from eating the mango. Later, Saraswatichandra decides to leave the house, but Kumud refuses to go along with him. Saraswatichandra frees Kabir, but the bomb attached to Kumud’s chair gets activated. However, he assures her that he will not touch her, without her permission. Find a TV show or movie. Sunanda tells Kumud about Ghuman’s past. The security guard tries to stop them, but in vain.

Saraswatichandra narrates his and Kumud’s love story to Kabir. Kumud and Kusum perform the puja. Saraswatichandra hesitates to tell Vidyachatur about his decision of not marrying Kumud. Kumud’s kite gets cut and falls into a lake near the school. She becomes shocked on seeing her aunt, Menaka, speaking with Kabir. Prashant recalls that he repaired the crack, the previous night. To know more, keep watching Saraswatichandra Saraswatichandra becomes delighted on learning that Kumud is accompanying him to Mumbai.


Kabir suffers from itching while sxraswatichandra food. Vidyachatur assures Sundarba that he will transfer the sarassatichandra in Yash’s name at the right time.

She invites Prashant to her house for dinner. He gifts a dress to Kumud.

He waits for Kumud behind a temple all night. Kumud defends Yash’s decision. Kumud occupies the entire bed, and informs Saraswatichandra that since she has to sleep alone after he leaves for Mumbai, she is getting used to it. Saraswatichandra tries to convince Kumud to finalise the house that is provided by the company.

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She eavesdrops on Kabir’s telephonic conversation. Yash informs his mother that he killed a cow in an accident. Badi maa tends to him as he comes home wet after almost drowning in the lake. Prashant suspects that somebody is conspiring against him.

Saraswatichandra and Kumud thank Prashant for helping them. Dugba prays to god for Kumud’s wellbeing. Sunanda informs her that Ghuman had asked a lady to kill a baby. She dreams about him.

Jugnu requests Sunanda to let Kumud go, but in vain. Danny, Vidyachatur, Guniyal and Ghuman attend the puja.

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Kumud nurses the rope burn in his hand. Kumud suspects Kabir and Menaka’s behaviour. Kusum tries to make Danny realise his mistake, but in vain. He follows them, but fails saraswatichahdra save Kabir. Later, Kumud suspects that Saraswatichandra has consumed alcohol, and returns home. Prashant throws a stone at Saraswatichandra’s house.


Kumud Gets Angry With Her Husband

Anushka learns about the same and manages to send Kabir out of her room. Kumud sees Saraswatichandra, and runs towards him.

Kumud enquires Sunanda about Ghuman’s secret. Kumud passes by Saraswatichandra, but he fails to see her. Ghuman becomes shocked on seeing Menaka in the house. The Desai family learns that Danny has misbehaved with Kalika. The Desai family decides to get Kabir married. Kabir informs Saraswatichandra, Kumud and Danny that he had injected Laxminandan, to keep him in coma.

Kumud becomes scared on seeing something on a wall. Prashant hides Saraswatichandra’s phone.