Good and Valuable guidelines given by Fisher. So, total 15lac in 3yrs. And if doubt still remains, read the entire blog. Hi Fisher, I’m 31 year old. My third objection is: It is a balanced fund. I also liked the post by Poor Rich Man Ofcourse will surely buy a term policy for myself too.

The guarantee is meaningless because of Nill in equity and the highest recorded NAV for seven years is of no meaning I have tried it. It is very clear they would be paid the highest NAV over declared dates. Are the returns from these ulips taxable on maturity as part of income for that year? Sunil December 07, Lakshmi August 11,

SIP with a term plan or is there any better approach. However, even if the value of investment done by the ULIP drops to 0, the insurer still has to pay you the sum of 20,00, Lets say they collect Crores in from all of us when NAV is The charges look steep indeed.

Anonymous September 20, This results in more allocation to debt instruments and your investment returns suffer. Fisher November 28, Fisher, Thanks for the great insight, so what is the option? Lakshmi August 11, Aditya, A year old retired women investing in a life insurance. Now you have got only through ULIP.

I myself have surrendered the policy after contiuing it for 6 years at a loss of Second, the majority of the investment is probably going to be in debt. As regards to liquidity of the policys on maturity, company is thousand times stronger than other pvt insurancce companies As an investor my worry is whether my investment will give reasonable returns and life cover to take care of my family.


Will now spend sometime in figuring out a good mix for my investment basket. Aditya November 13, Hai Sir, please check my policy value of sbi life smart ulip series on now. Age taken for calculation is 40 years; when it is perfirmance for the person in the age group of 25 to 30 years, we do see the good return on investment.

Sunil December 07, Hi Fisher, I am Sunil, 31 years old from Hyderabad. Anything else they offer is just trying to pull wool over our eyes. I have been reading this blog today on insurance products as I was looking out for a good plan to invest in for my child. Ljfe have noticed some common concerns and confusions here regarding insurance and tax. ULIPs – 5 Secrets 3. Hi Aditya, Thanks for the response.

Analysis of SBI Life Smart ULIP | Review | Details | Charges — Mohan’s Blog

What are the chances of that happening? Nisha April 08, Many thanks for the review. Shubham May 06, Subbu September 12, Ii I go ahead with this product or not? All Insurance company in India are cheats. Hi Fisher, I understand there has to be conservative investment philosophy behind such guaranteed instrument.

It is debatable whether it is a good investment vehicle at all when compared with other mutual funds out there. When, one has capablity to perform switching at the periodic interval, and has enough time to watch the movement, why one should opt for ULIP; instead they can directly invest in stock market. In my opinion, this smart ULIP definitely has high cost asociated and is not at all suited as an investment vehicle if you have time in your hands to manage your own portfolio of mutual funds or equities.


I also did a rough calculation coz the returns are not in one instalment to be able to work out easily but spread over 5 years.

Analysis of SBI Life Smart ULIP

Anonymous April 14, I still suggest you folks not to combine insurance with investment. Anonymous January 26, That oife a huge loss. Anonymous April 12, But, the time period where you and your kid need most of the money is when his age is years. Also since they dont need to reveal investment details — SBI probably pays no attention to this series.

And resommend the best one. On the above major point of view and the 3 objections, the statement made by an analyst is not correct; which seems like a comparison of Elite group sgi the Poverty group. I have come across lot of speculations about ulip plans. Call their customer care then and there for confirmation of their claims.

I have decided to get rid of both policies with minimum loss. Fisher Eeries 19, Gunjan Singh gunjansinghcs gmail. Are the returns from these ulips taxable on maturity as part of income for that year?