Log in with Email. And my YAI love is even stronger now after a splendid heart-tugging, ovary-melting turn as a broody s revolutionary. And the way they delivered their lines, priceless! You know this would never have happened in a historical basis but still love it anyway. And of course our man Yong Ha takes the cake prize – so dashingly elegant with gorgeous colours that he carries off with elan – from the very first frame. But here’s the thing with me, I never get angry when the second guy doesnt get the girl. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Yoon-hui was only 7-year-old when her father got murdered.

The hats worn by the men are called “gat. What if I really were not alone? For, why do you feel so hollow? This content has been removed by a moderator. In my haste to get up, I dropped a shoe into the water. I would be honest!

I will never forget that day.

What a stupid rumour! Leave that place of bliss and of blistering pain. Sungkyunkwan Scandal Volunteer Team. The geumdeungjisa was an historical document that was said to have described how one political faction, the Norons, manipulated King Yeong-jo into killing his son, the Crown Prince Sado father to King Jeong-jo. Jo Sung Ha Supporting Cast.

For no apparent good sunngkyunkwan.


Pool-side parties are always such a trial to a well-brought up girl. They were both intellectuals and valued how they challenged each other. Kim Jung Kyoon Supporting Cast. I want to add that I’m blown away by Song Joong-ki’s acting. Its significance is revealed during the course of suungkyunkwan drama and the search for the document has consequences for the main heroes and heroine.

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Anyone else feels this too or am I seeing things? Submonkey August 19, at He may have terrible taste in henchmen and be boringly single-minded, but at least he has a quick understanding and you can get straight to the point.

Lee Jae Scandak Supporting Cast.

And thats when he adapt his episide into. I will always watching this with my mother and having her tut-tut and say “that girl is falling in love with the wrong boy, there’s svandal wrong with that nice Jae Shin boy.

Lee In Supporting Cast. Kim Jung Kyoon Supporting Cast. Ensure that he never knew that he was the object of a love that should not have been and ensure that he never came within my toxic orbit again.

Review: A Most Delicious Scandal

Yoo Ah In Main Cast. I got even more smitted with him after SKKS. Do you just not care scandwl you marry? Gosh, your recap made me cry especially the tree scene.


You have spent all your life toying with others and mounting elaborate deceptions, relishing scandals. LOLL – Shirley please join the script writers team – you keep giving us these teaser trailers and we want to see the full production I watched this drama pretty early on in my drama watching days I could never remember the name so I called it Badonkadonk Scandal and loved it.

It scandxl the right thing to do, being honest. Ahn Nae Sang Supporting Cast.

I agree – those are lovely pictures. You are commenting using your WordPress. They just oozed with toooo much sincerity.

Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Great supporting character stories…? His Excellency the Left State Counciller: You too, you too feel compelled. It is the place full of vitality, where youthfulness is flowering, and the school where you learn to be harmonized!

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